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I’ve set up a little summer film school program for myself.  I’m taking a bunch of courses all around the city.  While acting remains my core focus, I’m trying to expand my skills in different areas.  It started with Hot Docs.  I got a festival pass and went to their new documentary maker sessions.  I then took a brief course in documentary filmmaking at a local university.  I also enrolled in a narrative drama feature film directing course, and just started an editing class.  On the acting front, I’m finishing up my third level of improv training with Second City, and just finished a commercial booking class.  My instructors for all of these classes have been top shelf.  I’ve been very fortunate to have studied under them.  To round things out I got a symposium pass to the Worldwide Short Film Festival that’s going on this week.  I’ve been attending the expert panels on networking, successfully working the festival circuit, finding buyers for your short films, finding funders, legal issues, etc, etc.  It’s been quite informative.  Three weeks of “film school” left, then I can take a “vacation” for a week to go to a wedding 🙂


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Post production work on my film continues.  The rough cut is now finished.  My editor had a sound editor take a look at our audio problem.  Apparently he pushed a couple of buttons and fixed whatever the problem was.  Yay!  Now I need to get a copy of the rough cut to my composer to take a look at and start scoring.  Final cut, score, sound editing, and we’ll be almost done!

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