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I saw that commercial again today.  You know, that one.  That one that should be mine.  That one I should have been in. That one I was so close to booking.  The one I was called back for and fit so perfectly.  The one that was a union gig and would have made me some healthy cash.  The one that aired eighteen thousand times a day last fall.  The one that would have paid for my Christmas trip home, presents for loved ones, and still left a sizable chunk for my student loans.  The one that would have made me feel so validated.  The one that got away.

It’s back.

It’s on again.  Eighteen thousand times a day.  I’m not in it.  I’m jealous.  But I’m not angry.  I’m hungry.  I want it.  I want MY one.  I’m ready for my one.  I need my one.  This year my one comes!  That’s it.  I’ve decided.  It’s that simple, right?


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