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I felt for the guy.  He seemed new.  He pulled out his short resume and headed into the audition room with that fresh, glisteningly hopeful look in his eyes.  We were auditioning for the same piece, a gender-neutral spot in a commercial.  He was scheduled in ahead of me, and as the casting room was not quite sound proof, I could hear his performance from the holding area.  His voice was a bit pitchy, and as he got about halfway through, he stopped, apologized, and asked if he could do it again.  He was clearly nervous.  He tries again.  A few seconds in, another apology as he cuts it short.  I cringe as I wait for casting to excuse him.  But instead the casting director gently tells him to breathe, and asks if he could try it again.  He is glad to be given the chance, takes a minute, and begins anew.  Five times the casting director asks him to run his piece.  I’ve never seen anyone be given five passes.  Not once does he make it.



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