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Contest Winner Announced!

Hello guys and gals!  A few weeks ago I announced our 5 000 Blog Hits Thank You Contest!  After a failed attempt at making a little prize draw video, I figured I’d just do this the old fashioned way and take a picture.  So, without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!  Congratulations Megan Brown on being randomly drawn as the winner of the iTunes card!  I’ll email you to get your address, and have it off in the mail to you soon!  YAY!!

Thanks to everybody for entering.  You’re all special to me, and I wish there could be more winners.  The good news is, the ol’ blog has already passed the 6 000 hit mark in record time, so 10 000 isn’t that far away.  Perhaps that will call for another special treat?  🙂  Have a great day everyone!


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My morning walk down into the studio district for an audition.  What a beautiful day!

I wish I could tell you all more about the auditions I get sent on.  Sadly, though necessarily, I’ve been sworn to silence on most of it.  You see, everything in this business is confidential.  I’m not allowed to share any details of the scripts I read.  I can’t give the names of any of the companies I’m auditioning for.  My agent doesn’t even like me to say what kind of audition I’m going for on a given day (fast food, financial services product, tv role, etc.).


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