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I felt for the guy.  He seemed new.  He pulled out his short resume and headed into the audition room with that fresh, glisteningly hopeful look in his eyes.  We were auditioning for the same piece, a gender-neutral spot in a commercial.  He was scheduled in ahead of me, and as the casting room was not quite sound proof, I could hear his performance from the holding area.  His voice was a bit pitchy, and as he got about halfway through, he stopped, apologized, and asked if he could do it again.  He was clearly nervous.  He tries again.  A few seconds in, another apology as he cuts it short.  I cringe as I wait for casting to excuse him.  But instead the casting director gently tells him to breathe, and asks if he could try it again.  He is glad to be given the chance, takes a minute, and begins anew.  Five times the casting director asks him to run his piece.  I’ve never seen anyone be given five passes.  Not once does he make it.



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I saw that commercial again today.  You know, that one.  That one that should be mine.  That one I should have been in. That one I was so close to booking.  The one I was called back for and fit so perfectly.  The one that was a union gig and would have made me some healthy cash.  The one that aired eighteen thousand times a day last fall.  The one that would have paid for my Christmas trip home, presents for loved ones, and still left a sizable chunk for my student loans.  The one that would have made me feel so validated.  The one that got away.

It’s back.

It’s on again.  Eighteen thousand times a day.  I’m not in it.  I’m jealous.  But I’m not angry.  I’m hungry.  I want it.  I want MY one.  I’m ready for my one.  I need my one.  This year my one comes!  That’s it.  I’ve decided.  It’s that simple, right?

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Whew!  It’s been a while!  So my last post told you that I was going for a couple of commercial auditions.  Well, I am happy to report that I GOT ONE!  I BOOKED MY FIRST COMMERCIAL!!  Super exciting!  I’ll tell you more about that experience in a later post.  I’ve also been in three more short films, another television episode, and my second speaking role in a feature film.  Money is still pretty tight, so I haven’t been able to take anymore acting classes, but I’m hoping to remedy that with doing more script supervision on the side.  I’ve taken a refresher class and an advanced script supervision course in the last few months, and I’m proud to say that I’m working as an SS on a great web series, and also just finished my first paid SS gig on a feature film!  Awesome!  Hopefully that will help supplement my income and get me back in the acting class game.  I don’t like to let my resume get stale.  Always working, always training.  That’s what makes me feel like I’m putting my best out there.

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Cross your fingers for me!  I had two fun, and lucrative ($) commercial auditions today.  They’re both higher paying than anything I’ve been sent out for before, so I would LOVE to land one of these two gigs!  Call backs are next week and they shoot the week after that.  I should hear in the next couple of days if I get a call back.  Please, please, please…  🙂

UPDATE: Got a call back for one of them!  YAY!  Keep those fingers crossed!

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Yesterday I had the good fortune of auditioning for a commercial.  My agent arranged it for me, and I headed over to the casting studio in the afternoon.  I filled out the usual paperwork and waited in the lobby with the other actors until they called me in.  I said a quick and friendly hi and I took my mark in front of the camera and waited for my direction.  There were no lines for this piece, so instead the casting director asked me a few questions about my plans for the weekend.  I made up (not too far fetched) a little story about how we were planning a girls getaway in Niagara Falls for the weekend.  Realize, casting people don’t actually give a flip what your weekend plans are.  They’re just trying to get you to show some expression, personality, and see how you look on camera.  It was a fun commercial spot, so I tried to mirror that with a fun activity.  I tried to be animated, expressive, and personable.  While I was chatting with the casting director, I noticed the two other people sitting behind the table watching the monitor were whispering back and forth.  I’m hoping that was a good sign that they saw something worth discussing.  It was over pretty quick, as commercial auditions usually are, and on the way out the door the casting director thanked me for coming in and said “You’ve got a real cute face there.”  YAY!!!  So now we keep our fingers crossed and we wait.  It’s a numbers game, and the odds are always against you.  But every now and then you get lucky.  Maybe, just maybe…

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