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Welcome back to 2011: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.  If you missed my previous post of last year’s lows, you can check it out here.  Today, I’m writing about my favorite career highlights from 2011.



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Post production work on my film continues.  The rough cut is now finished.  My editor had a sound editor take a look at our audio problem.  Apparently he pushed a couple of buttons and fixed whatever the problem was.  Yay!  Now I need to get a copy of the rough cut to my composer to take a look at and start scoring.  Final cut, score, sound editing, and we’ll be almost done!

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We’ve hit a major snag with the project.  We had a concern with a mic during one of the takes, and switched the plug input to address the concern.  Tech isn’t my specialty, and I trust my team, but I had a bad feeling about changing something like that in the middle of the shoot.  Sure enough, all the audio recorded after the change seems to have come out poorly.  I don’t know exactly what happened, but the fix is frustrating, though necessary:  we need to reshoot half the project.  Fortunately all of the group shots we took before lunch are intact, so we don’t need to coordinate with 3 of our actors.  That would have been a nightmare for scheduling, continuity, etc.  But we will have to set something up with the location again, and coordinate schedules for the 3 crew and 2 actors we’ll be needing, let alone all the equipment, props, wardrobe, etc, we’ll need to bring back.  I’m disappointed that it didn’t turn out, as we had a GREAT day on saturday, but I’d rather reshoot than use poor audio or scrap the project.  I hope we can do it again soon, and it goes as smoothly as last weekend without the audio snag…  😦

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